Welcome to v-funding. A socially responsible venture development firm. We help obtain funding for your project. And we help our global investment funds find projects that match their expectations in terms of purpose, yield and size.In the current global economic crisis, with budget shortfalls, lack of available credit and an almost non-existent source of capital for venture development v-funding is here to help.

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"I was looking for a genuine provider of SBLCs and BGs for one of my clients, when I finally found the website from v-funding. The team at v-funding have been professional, responsive and very helpful. V-Funding had a number of options and we choose the best suitable for my client. The process was easy and straight forward. The team at v-funding evaluated the necessary paperwork and gave me confidence all along the way. Eventually I spoke with the provider and after transferring the leasing fee into a secure Escrow account we received the SBLC without problem. My client got his SBLC and we are all very happy. The experience with v-funding and their provider has been exceptional and I can highly recommend the service of Glen and Jurgen at v-funding." -- Juan - Venezuela

What You Need

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Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) :: MT760

Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) = MT760
An […]

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Bank Guarantees (BG)

Bank Guarantees (BG)
A BG is a Bank Guarantee. […]

We Are Working On

  • Construction,
  • Denmark €100m

  • Steel Company,
  • Dubai  $22m

  • Wind Energy,
  • Ukraine $2b

  • Bank Guarantee,
  • New Zealand $200m

  • Wind Farm,
  • Poland $115m